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Other services

Corporate Gloves

Corporate Gloves is designed to teach participants basic boxing skills and improve their fitness in a non-confrontational atmosphere. All of our trainers are current or former boxers, kickboxers or MMA Fighters, who also have extensive experience in training groups of people with varied skill and fitness levels. Training sessions can be held at FightFit Boxing Centre or your business, it’s up to you.

kids boxing and fitness


Our boxing program for kids (ages 6-12) gives boys and girls the best aspects of boxing training, focusing on non-contact exercises and partner work. This class will get your kids skipping, running, jumping, punching bags, and working with a partner, to improve hand-eye coordination, strength, and increasing their overall fitness.

Sports Therapy & Myotherapy


Functional Therapies returns your body to its natural movement patterns by treating pain at the source of the problem, and aiding the recovery of joints and muscles.   Working with elite athletes like Harry Kewell and members of the Australian Olympic Team has helped Neil get an in-depth understanding of how bodies function and recover under huge amounts of physical stress. This understanding helps Neil develop a personalised plan that focuses on getting the results you need to train and move better.


Australia’s most accredited and specialist boxing certification course! Learn from Australia's leading experts in boxing for fitness and exercise science.The Australian Combat & Exercise - Boxing Skills & Fitness certification program has been officially endorsed by the owners of Fight Fit Boxing Centre Paul Fyfield and Bash Sinha. Paul is regarded as one of Australia’s best Kickboxing trainers and has trained his fighters to collectively win 8 world titles and 15 Australian titles.