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Personal Training

Personal Training sessions

Real boxing and fighting experience is what sets FightFit Trainers apart from the rest! Working out with a FightFit PT also means that your training sessions are focused on what YOU want to get out of it, whether you want to burn some fat, get stronger and healthier, or learn how to box.

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Our trainers


Cameron Eyes

A talented amateur boxer, Cam understands both the theoretical and practical aspects of boxing, and more importantly how to use them to create a tough workout for guys and girls.


Dave Trotter

Our resident Commando, Dave served in the Australian Army for 6 years, and has had MMA fights locally and internationally. Dave is also a certified CrossFit instructor.


Dinesh Kanth

Dinesh has competed in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai for 20 years, with 28 professional fights and 25 wins (most by knockout!). He has 10 years experience as a personal trainer and is passionate and enthusiastic about helping people improve their health and fitness and teaching martial arts. His classes are not for the faint hearted.


Eric Diamondstein

A Pro Kickboxer, Eric “Diamondcutter” Diamondstein knows how to seriously workout the abs, legs and glutes, making his Personal Training sessions a favourite with the ladies.


Faisal Fayad

As a fighter, Faisal's grit, determination and skill saw him win titles at both State and National levels. he brings that same attitude to his clients for boxing, kickboxing and strength sessions.


Haydn Pope

Haydn has competed in multiple fight styles, and  also has over 10 years experience as a trainer, working with olympic athletes, body sculptors, and has helped his clients with general fitness and rehabilitation.


Lauren Sheldon

Lauren started boxing at FightFit, competing at the FightFit Challenge, and is now on the Australian boxing team, and has trained at AIS.


Mark Faroldi

When he's not being a freak athlete Mark takes FightFitters through conditioning sessions that aren't for the faint of heart!


Mark Mullan

Mark Mullan is the current Australian K1 Kickboxing Champion,and also the former South Pacific and State Title holder for Muay Thai and Kickboxing. He has fought and trained across Europe and Asia. Mark specialises in all forms of striking for fight training, nutrition, and weight loss.


Paul Fyfield

Regarded as one of Australia’s best Kickboxing trainers, Paul has trained his fighters to collectively win 8 world titles and 15 Australian titles.



Percy started his fight career in 1975, and was a head instructor at Bob Jones Corporation with Paul Fyfield. Percy has also won Australian and South Pacific titles.


Ruan Kotze

Ruan has an extensive list of qualifications including: a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise science, CrossFit level 1 coach certification, and a registered Boxing and Personal Trainer.


Sam Battaglia

One of few high-school accredited teachers with a 3rd degree black belt (he's the only one we know of), Sam has been involved with Boxing and Martial Arts for over 25 years.


Shek Sinha

Together with Sam Battaglia, Shek puts little FightFitters as young as 6 through training sessions in FightFit's Kids Boxing and Fitness program.


Tiffanee Cook

Tiff began her boxing at FightFit - competing in the FightFit Challenge twice - and now competes as an amateur. In her short time as an amateur she has won the Novice Victorian Title 2 years running. She's high energy, positive and passionate about all things nutrition and fitness, with a 'train hard fight easy' attitude which shines through in her sessions.


Tony Torcasio

Tony has won Victorian, East Coast and Australian titles during his kickboxing career, with an equally impressive boxing record, remaining undefeated during his time in the ring.