FightFit Games will get you stronger, fitter, faster, and leaner!



FightFit Games is open to anyone at any level of fitness and strength. It is a fun and motivating way to train alongside your fellow gym members towards the same goal of getting stronger, fitter, faster, and leaner.

In the 6 weeks leading up to the Conditioning Day Events our Strength & Conditioning and Power Circuit classes have been designed to help you improve your strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

These sessions will help prepare you to compete in a mystery course consisting of specific exercises to complete in the fastest time possible.

For the Strength Day event, we will be testing your 1 rep max (1RM) for two of the major lifts (bench press, deadlift), vertical jump and a 10m Sled sprint.

Training for the strength day will require small group or private training sessions with our expert coaches to help you develop a structured strength training program for the 10 weeks leading up to the Strength Day event.

Cost of registration = Only $150

(Total Value $610)

The Prizes

There will be male and female prizes for both first, second and third. They will receive:

1st Place – $200

2nd Place – $100

3rd Place – $50

Any questions, please email or call 0416 066 276


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