5 tips for throwing your punches harder and faster.


1. focus on your body, not your arms

Focusing on punching from your body, and relaxing your arms will more efficient by using what generates the most power. The combination of the legs and core have the ability to generate MUCH more power than the arms, so it makes sense that this is what we focus on when we want to throw harder punches.


Practice doing 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing, 20 seconds of normal speed, and 10 seconds of throwing as many punches as fast as you can, focusing on using the core and legs, and keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed.



2. Elbows in

Keeping your elbows in, and not letting them flare out while you’re throwing a punch, means that you’re reducing the power loss between the body, shoulders, and arms. It also means that because the shoulders, elbows and arms are moving towards one direction (not moving outwards first), your punches will be faster.



3. Keep your back heel off the ground

Punching while on the ball of your foot means more power from your punches, and a shorter time before you can set the next punch. You’ll find that when you punch while on the ball of your foot, your punches will be much snappier, and allow you to generate the most force by utilising your entire body.



4. Work your arms like a piston (fast out, fast in)

Not only will bringing your arms back to your face quickly help protect you in the ring, it will also set you up to throw the next punch in less time. This means more punches per round, and will keep you from getting hit with counter-punches.



5. Throw your rips like a stab

It sounds brutal but it’s the key to a great rip to the body. When you throw a rip that’s straight from your hips you keep the full force of the punch generated by the body. As soon as you start hooking your rips, starting away from your body, you loose some of the force your body has generated. During sparring and fighting you’ll also increase your chances of landing your punch in the abdomen, and less likely to hit your opponents arms or elbow.

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