Support for all aspects to help achieve balance.


At FightFit we support our members in every way we can, so we have made our service offerings multidimensional.

From improving movement, recovery and nutrition to offering programs for workplaces and children – we are always trying to discover better ways to help our members so they can get the most out of their training.

Corporate Gloves

Get your work team performing at its best with FightFit’s Corporate Gloves program. From large group to small group training we can tailor a package to suit your team’s needs. Build teamwork, camaraderie and have fun while your team gets fit, healthier and more productive.


FITkids are our little heroes in training, where they experience our carefully crafted programs for schools and individuals that focus on three key areas; Mind, Body and Community.

By creating awareness and good, healthy habits we help young people overcome the challenges that they face in everyday life.

Functional Therapies

Specialising in restoring function through movement patterns and therapeutic interventions, Functional Therapies help our members recover from injuries as well as implement preventative measures to keep them moving well more often.

ACE Boxing Skills Certificate

This course is for trainers who are looking to improve their sessions by learning how to do boxing for fitness properly and stand out from the rest. This is Australia’s most accredited and specialist boxing certification course. Learn from Australia’s leading experts in boxing for fitness and exercise science.

Primal Physio

With over 10 years clinical experience, Primal Physio delivers excellence in physical therapy. Incorporating the latest research, cutting-edge technology, skilled manual techniques and individually tailored, active exercise, your performance is optimised with Primal.

Phoenix First Aid

Phoenix First Aid is a first aid service and training provider, operating throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria. They specialise in delivering first aid specific, and other sport and fitness related nationally accredited training courses.

Training Camp

FightFit Training Camp is an 8 week program that will test your fitness and technique, getting you in fighting shape whether or not you’re thinking about stepping into the ring. The fitness aspect of Training Camp will focus on movements and exercises that prepare world champion fighters for fight night.