What makes the Ultimate Fighter? Or in our case, the Ultimate Fight Fitter?


For anyone who’s stepped into a Fightfit Boxing Gym, you would have noticed that we’re not like your average TV filled, glossy on the outside, McDonald-chain Super Gym. At Fightfit, you won’t find anyone staring into oblivion whilst strolling on a treadmill or spending more time comparing their exercise outfit to everyone else instead of actually exercising. Why? Because the classes we’ve developed are designed specifically to train and condition our members like real fighters (Without the obviously drawback of getting punched in the head). You can train as if you were working towards your next world title, but the only pain you’ll have to face is when your muscles are screaming for mercy!


We all know fighters are renowned for being some of the greatest athletes in the world, covering all bases when it comes to their fitness and health. They have strength, accuracy, co-ordination, balance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, agility, flexibility, and stamina (not to mention an uncanny ability to trash-talk).


Even some of the most renowned athletes on Earth would be hard-pressed to excel in ALL of these areas. Sure, a long distance runner would have the cardiovascular endurance and the stamina, but where’s the power? Where’s the strength?


As a boxer, nothing can be left unchecked and at Fightfit you will be encouraged to work on every aspect. 
So where do you currently stand? Are you covering everything in your weekly training regime? Can you call yourself an athlete? You might not be a fighter, but wouldn’t you like to train like one and see some amazing results?
If you want to be a well-rounded “Fight Fitter” and be the best, healthiest athlete that you can be then simply doing the same thing at the gym week in week out isn’t enough.

You need variety and you need challenges.


So this week, have a go including something different into your workout. 
What about Strength and Conditioning class with Dirk, Dave or Cameron? Or a Kickboxing class with Eric? Combine this with a skill session with a trainer and a flexibility and stretching session in your own time, and already you’d be pushing yourself. 
On top of this, try adding:
-A long distance run (10km)
-Interval sprints (30sec at 100% effort then 60sec 50%. Repeat for 20 minutes)
Train like an athlete this week!


Have fun team!


Ruan Kotze

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