It’s not a marathon- but it will take everything you have.
It’s not sky diving- but it matches the adrenaline rush.
It’s not climbing Mount Everest- but the achievement is as tall.
It’s the FightFit Challenge- and it’s one of the greatest experiences you can undertake.

The FightFit Challenge would have to be one of the most unique and amazing opportunities we offer our members. Anyone who has stepped into a ring will tell you it is one of the most intense, but fulfilling experiences you can have.

Not many people get the opportunity to do this – less than 1% of the population has the courage – but through the FightFit Challenge we give you a taste of what it is like to be professional fighter.

 For many of our members this experience has been life-changing. As they go through the process and take themselves out of their comfort zone they learn a lot about themselves and see what they are really made of.

The Training

You will train 3 times a week with Paul Fyfield for 8 weeks, the last 4 Saturdays you will be required to come in for sparring. We expect that you will also do at least 1 personal training session a week. Get in touch with us to find out more about this (the most important) aspect.

The Fight

The adrenalin you feel stepping into the ring in front of 1000 or more people is like nothing else. It’s just you and that other person and you are there to fight. It’s exciting, it’s intense, and it’s a test of what you’re made of and how hard you’ve trained.

The Experience

The experience is like no other as it tests your discipline, commitment, and ability to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. It’s like jumping out of a plane, but it lasts longer!

The Training

The FightFit Challenge training camp is made up of three group training sessions a week over eight weeks with leading Australian trainer Paul Fyfield. Along with this we encourage you to have at least one personal training session, as well as adding in track and sprint work. After the first four weeks you will add in a sparring session each week until fight night – although we do suggest sparring earlier if you can.

This is what a professional fighter would do in preparation for a fight, and we expect no less from our fighters.

The Fight

The FightFit Challenge takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to your limits. The training is hard, but rewarding. The fight is challenging, but the most fulfilling experience you can go through.

The FightFit Challenge will take everything you have, but give you back so much more. It’s an opportunity to really test yourself mentally and get the most out of your fitness and boxing training.

The Experience

All our fighters are registered as professional fighters and sanctioned and supervised by the Professional Combat Sports Board (i.e. the boxing board). We want all our members to get the most out of the fight, so safety is the highest priority. All our fighters are matched up evenly (based on weight and ability), but make no mistake – it is still a fight and the real thing.


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