Welcome to FightFit Classes.

Starting or changing your fitness journey can be a hard first step, rest assured, our classes cater for all fitness levels and experience.

We can’t guarantee that you will become the next Mayweather or Olympic lifter, but we can guarantee you will be sore, you will be tired, you will be engaged and you will feel exhilarated… If you’re anything like our other members, you will be back… and you will want more!






BOXING CLASS Our boxing classes get you fitter, stronger and burning fat by focusing on boxing technique through pad work, bag work, footwork, as well as core strength and conditioning exercises. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome.
BOXING BASICS CLASSES Our boxing basics classes are for our new members and anyone who wants to refine their skills. These classes are less intense and focus on the fundamentals including stance, footwork, punching, and pad holding techniques.
KICKBOXING CLASS Learn to use all eight striking points (hands, feet, knees, and elbows) to get a full body work out in our Kickboxing classes. Enjoy an action-packed session in our state-of-the-art facilities, while focusing on good technique. All levels of fitness, experience, and coordination welcome.
STRENGTH CLASS Our Strength classes consist of all the classic big compound movements such as bench press, deadlifts, front squats, back squats, pull ups and more. In these classes you will build on your overall strength and muscular endurance as you're guided through proper technique in a structured session.
CONDITIONING CLASS Work up a sweat in our Conditioning class. Designed as a high-intensity whole body circuit-styled workout, that focuses on upper and lower body exercises using resistance, body weight, and cardio to get you fit, strong and lean.