We don’t care where you have come from. We want to help you get to where you want to go.


Starting or changing your fitness journey can be a hard first step, rest assured, our classes cater for all fitness levels and experience.

We can’t guarantee that you will become the next Mayweather or Olympic lifter, but we can guarantee you will be sore, you will be tired, you will be engaged and you will feel exhilarated… If you’re anything like our other members, you will be back… and you will want more!

FightFit. Boxing Class.

Our boxing classes get you fitter, stronger and burning fat by focusing on boxing technique through pad work, bag work, footwork, as well as core strength exercises. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome.

Kickboxing Class

Learn to use all eight striking points (hands, feet, knees and elbows) to get a full body work out in our Kickboxing classes. Enjoy an action packed session in our state of the art facilities, while focusing on good technique. All levels of fitness, experience and coordination are welcome!

Power Circuit/Strength Class.

FightFit’s power circuit training class focuses on major muscle movements. We teach you the correct technique first, then we smash through the circuit. This session uses explosive actions developing speed, strength, and cardio.

Our strength and conditioning classes focus more on specific localised areas of the body, incorporating a challenging circuit that gives you a full body workout. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome.

Sparring Class.

As our members develop their combat skills they are keen to test them out. So we offer a sparring class that teaches members in a safe and non-threatening environment the art of ring craft. It’s a great way to test your boxing training and take it to the next level. You must have a mouth guard, 16oz gloves and head guards are optional.

Technique class.

FightFit’s technique classes are there for our members who want to spend a bit of extra time perfecting their basic punching and pad holding technique. It’s a great way to consolidate or learn the fundamentals so you can become a more efficient striker and pad holder when you train.