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Our FightFit Family is made up of the best boxing, kickboxing, strength and conditioning coaches in Australia.

We hand pick instructors who have fought/trained/taught at an elite level so you know you are learning from people who have lived and breathed combat sports.

Our strength and conditioning coaches have also trained and worked with athletes at the highest levels and we are so lucky to be able to access their wealth of knowledge and experience. To get a feel for each trainer read their bio or check out their videos below.




Former WMTA light cruiserweight world champion, ISKAL light cruiserweight Australian Champion and IKBF Australian cruiserweight champion, Nick’s world class fighting experience makes his boxing and kickboxing sessions packed with good technique, intense fitness and fight based training.He has fought and trained all around the world – you may have seen him on the Ultimate Fighter Series where he was the striking coach.FightFit Fun Fact: Nick was also ‘Bear’ in the 2003 film Ong Bak.
Nassar is a rising star in the kickboxing world and currently holds 3 IKBF titles: Australian, Victorian and Commonwealth. Trained by the one and only Nick Kara, Nassar brings his talent, wisdom and skills to each class – whether he’s taking a FightFit class or a FITKids class. Come learn from a future superstar.
Nassar is a rising star in the kickboxing world and currently holds 3 IKBF titles: Australian, Victorian and Commonwealth.Trained by the one and only Nick Kara, Nassar brings his talent, wisdom and skills to each class – whether he’s taking a FightFit class or a FITKids class. Come learn from a future superstar.




Specialising in improving fitness and core strength, Sofya provides boxing and kickboxing training, core strength training through pilates, weight training for muscle growth and weight loss, and nutritional guidance to achieve client goals, whatever they may be.Her strengths include listening to her client needs and adapting programs to help them achieve maximum results. The diversity of Sofya’s qualifications and experience allow her to train clients by using a wide range of skill sets.Sofya has been a Group Fitness Instructor for over 20 years teaching a variety of programs including boxing, pilates, HIIT and barre, just to name a few. She is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.
As a fighter, Faisal’s grit, determination and skill saw him win titles at both State and National levels. He brings that same attitude to his clients for boxing, kickboxing and strength sessions.Faisal also takes FightFit Contenders (at Collingwood) and the FightFit Challenge.
Jason Sue has been involved in combat sports as both a participant and coach for decades. He trained under Nick Kara and has boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai experience.He also takes strength and conditioning depending on client needs, and is available at Moorabbin and South Melbourne.Jason recently won a state title at the Master Boxing Victoria in the middle-weight division.




With over 20 years’ experience, 4 fights and an amateur boxing title under her belt, Samantha’s size is not one to underestimate – she can still pack a punch!With a late start into the sport at the age of 30, Boxing and Muay Thai turned her life around transforming her into an empowered, confident, strong woman.Her classes consist of a brutal work out on the pads combined with intense abdominal and body weight exercises guaranteed to leave you exhausted yet energised.
With over 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry, as well as having experience on the competitive Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure stage, Krista specialises in strength, weight loss, body composition and overall promotes living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.Since living with Multiple Sclerosis, her vision has been to empower both men and women in improving the relationship they have with themselves, supporting healthy, sustainable habits and encouraging different choices that can contribute to one’s wellbeing and happiness.
Neil is the owner/operator of Functional Therapies, specialising in injury rehabilitation and prevention and has 20 year’s experience in health and fitness.He specialises in programming and training for those that have suffered with injuries in the past and/or need a more tailored approach to achieve their goals. Whether it be punching, footwork, strength training or conditioning, Neil has a high level of attention to detail and is extremely passionate about helping clients achieve their goals.Neil holds an Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy and an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, a Certificate III & IV in Fitness as well as a Level 2 ASCA Strength & Conditioning qualification. In addition, he lectures on the BHSc (Clinical Myotherapy) at Torrens University in the Biomechanics and Exercise Prescription areas.Neil offers various discounts for new and existing clients – enquire for more details.




Phil is a highly experienced fitness professional with an extensive knowledge of functional, sports specific, weight loss, general health & fitness training.Phil has a proven ability to deliver optimum support and training to ensure all clients achieve their desired goals. Phil has trained amateur (and professional) fighters from the ground level all the way through to Olympians and Commonwealth Games boxers.
Sam is an active fighter with 8 amateur boxing fights out of FightFit Moorabbin. He plans to make a statement in the amateurs before going professional and living a purely boxing lifestyle. He trains eat sleeps boxing with 3-4 hours a day of training.He has a boxing trainer’s license and enjoys working with kids so that he can pass on his knowledge to the next generation.
Kohei is a professional fighter with experience in karate, kickboxing and boxing, having started combat sports when he was 12.He moved to Australia when he was 18 and had his first pro fight, and currently has a record of 8 fights and 7 wins with 6 via K.O.Kohei is currently completing a Bachelor of Sport’s Management.