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Learn from Australia’s best fighters and coaches, all with real world combat sport experience.

Personal Training Sessions

Our FightFit Family is made up of the best personal boxing trainers in Australia. We hand pick instructors who have fought/trained/taught at an elite level so you know you are learning from people who have lived and breathed combat sports.

Our strength and conditioning coaches have also trained and worked with athletes at the highest levels and we are so lucky to be able to access their wealth of knowledge and experience. To get a feel for each trainer read their bio or check out their videos below.






A 7-time world kickboxing champion, Tosca is one of the best fighters Australia has ever seen – he beat Iran Barkley at his prime in Australia! He was the ‘King of Sting’ during the golden era of kickboxing and fought some of the best all around the world including Jean-Yres Theriault, Robbi Karman, Stan the Man, Mike Cole and Atokawa (just to name a few).

Tosca runs the kickboxing classes at FightFit South Melbourne. Come check out his class or book him for a one-on-one session to see what all the fuss is about.

Cameron Eyes

A talented amateur boxer, Cam understands both the theoretical and practical aspects of boxing, and more importantly how to use them to create a tough workout for guys and girls.

Troy Bullock

Debuting in 2017 in his first Professional fight, Troy is dedicated to the sport of boxing. Trained under Paul Fyfield for over 10 years, Troy brings his own fight training and preparation to his clients and a similar attitude and approach as Paul.

Adam Lengliz

Adam has competed in the amateur boxing ranks both in the UK and Australia and brings an international perspective and approach from the motherland of the sport. Adam was an accomplished boxer and coach in the UK before moving over here.


Affectionately known as the “Boxing Whisperer”, for decades Brendan has been working corners alongside Paul Fyfield for some of the best strikers Australia has ever had, including Eddie Delic, Tosca Petridis and Sam Greco.

Despite his rough exterior Brendan brings a caring and unique style to how he works with his clients, focusing on helping you relax, improving your technique and always ensuring you have fun!


Specializing in Women’s health, fat loss and strength and conditioning. Andrea is FightFit’s leading Female Health Coach focusing on empowering woman to become stronger, better versions of themselves through nutrition and strength training.

Andrea helps her clients ditch yo-yo dieting by breaking down misinformation associated with diet culture, as well as rebuilding healthier lifestyles through sustainable habits. She has a deep understanding of nutrition and female health and a unique ability to read her clients and encourage and challenge them respectively.

With experience prepping women for the ICN bodybuilding stage, Certificates in training and nutrition and 6 years of industry experience Andrea brings a lot to the table.

If you’re keen to get lean and strong, gain confidence and increase your energy levels Adrea is the coach for you!

Andrea offers online and face to face one on one coaching covering training, nutrition and mindset including various discounts for new and existing clients – enquire for more details.

Instagram: @coach_andrea.vivid

Neil Sjostrom

Neil is the owner/operator of Functional Therapies, specializing in injury rehabilitation and prevention. Having been in Involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years he brings a wealth of experience to his client services.

Neil holds an Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy and an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, a Certificate III & IV in Fitness as well as a Level 2 ASCA Strength & Conditioning qualification. In addition, he lectures on the BHSc (Clinical Myotherapy) at Torrens University in the Biomechanics and Exercise Prescription areas.

Specialising in programming and training for those that have suffered with injuries in the past or need a more specific and tailored approach to achieve their goals, Neil has a passion for health and fitness. His approach focusses on the technical aspects of training and making sure that you are moving in the way to best maximise the results. Whether it be punching, footwork, strength training or conditioning, Neil has a high level of attention to detail and is extremely passionate about helping clients achieve their goals.

Neil offers various discounts for new and existing clients – enquire for more details.

Instagram: @functionaltherapies and @strom_dizzle

Direct Booking Here: Book Functional Therapies

Tony Torcasio

Tony’s specialties are boxing, kickboxing, strength circuits and powerlifting. With 30+ years of competition experience he has had the privilege of working alongside and with many of the industry greats.

Over the past five years Tony has been competing in professional powerlifting, setting multiple new national records across three powerlifting federations in two weight classes. His kickboxing career also saw him compete for national titles in four different weight classes.

A powerhouse of energy and knowledge Tony’s sessions are dynamic, intense and demanding in the best kind of way.

Instagram: @ttfit_tony.torcasio

Dinesh Kanth

Dinesh fought professionally in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai with 30 fights – 25 wins most predominantly coming by way of knockout. With his broad fighting background, Dinesh has always focused on teaching correct technique to his clients that include beginners, seniors or fighters preparing for a bout. With over 15 years experience as a fully qualified personal trainer, Dinesh is very caring and has a great personality offering a fun, motivational and uplifting service to his clients. Dinesh is all about the experience and results, no two training days are the same and you can rest assured your health and fitness will not only improve but so will your happiness.

Sam Battaglia

One of few high-school accredited teachers with a 3rd degree black belt (he’s the only one we know of), Sam has been involved with Boxing and Martial Arts for over 25 years.

Mark Derrick

With over 15 years in the strength & conditioning field, as well as an extensive martial arts repertoire including over a decade of boxing and kickboxing experience, Mark has proven himself to be a highly educated and experienced coach. He brings his wealth of knowledge from many disciplines to his clients and offers a comprehensive coaching service. Mark is also an Accredited Sports Nutritionist and was a national level swimmer in his youth. He currently owns and runs the MD Strength Centre out of FightFit South Melbourne which caters for anyone looking to sky rocket their performance and transform their physique.

Shek Sinha

Shek holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, has been a primary school teacher for 7 years and is the Director/Head coach of FITkids. He has a Certificate III & IV in fitness, is a registered boxing trainer with the Victorian Boxing Board and has been boxing himself since he was 18 years old.

With a patient, caring nature and a passion for teaching boxing Shek uses his teaching background to coach all levels of ability from beginner (including kids) right through to capable boxers. Boxing is his passion and it shows in his positive and energetic coaching style.

In 2013, Shek founded FITkids. Suitable for kids aged 5-17, the program runs specialised afterschool and weekend fitness and self defence classes suitable for all levels of skill and fitness focusing on developing children and young adult’s mind, body and sense of community. See more about FITkids here:

Shek offers various discounts for new and existing clients – enquire for more details.

Instagram: @bfittraining and @fitkidsbigheroes


Mark Faroldi

From representing Victoria in AFL Football to competing as a Professional Boxer, Mark Faroldi has been involved in elite sports his whole life. The no nonsense, but fair approach and attitude that took him to these heights is reflected in his coaching style, make for challenging and rewarding sessions.

Mark trains people from beginner right through to experienced boxers. His clientele includes Gold Medalist Olympians and AFL professionals.

If you want someone to hold you accountable and help you get the most out of your training, Mark is your man.